The AQUA-X Story

AQUA-X was created in early 2019 from an idea to create the finest fishing scent available for use on both soft and hard plastic lures, in fresh and salt water.

As mad keen fishermen, we were always in search of something that would give us that edge to catch more fish and enjoy our time on the water as much as possible. Being regular users of all kinds of "scents", we found ourselves wanting more. Rather than just moan about it, we sat down and put together a list of what our perfect fish attracting scent would look like.

  • Highly concentrated - we wanted to pack as much of the good stuff in as we could.
  • Natural bait - the main active ingredient needed to be sourced from actual real bait as the fish would normally feed on.
  • A wide variety of scents - there needed to be a range that would work in all conditions, fresh and salt water. 
  • Biodegradable & Natural - we needed to be absolutely certain that we were in no way polluting the waterway with nasty chemicals.
  • Heat stable - too many times had we been out on a warm summers day only to find when we reached for the bottle of scent that it had turned to water.
  • Serious UV - A wide variety of UV colors and some intense UV action were critical.
  • Long lasting - something that would last more than a couple of casts before having to be reapplied.

Surely it can’t be that hard to creating something that fit all this criteria right?

Well... sadly we must of been out fishing the day they taught this in school. After months of going around in circles we decided that if we were serious about making this a reality we needed to get serious. We searched high and low for a Chemist that was not only skilled but shared our passion. Our search spanned the globe until eventually a partnership was formed. Fast forward over 18 months, with hundreds of formulas created, thousands of casts testing each and every product we finally arrived at something that met all of our criteria.

It was overflowing with natural bait that is specifically prepared to our exacting standards, and it contained absolutely no nasty chemicals.

It was extremely heat stable, we tested up to and above 160°C and it lost absolutely none of its viscosity. No more runny scent on a nice warm day (or blocks of ice on a cold day)!

It was super tacky and really stayed on the lure, allowing that vibrant UV flash to get some serious attention whilst slowly dispursing the active ingedients.

And finally - it catches fish - a lot of them

Every single bottle of AQUA-X is made in very small batches by hand in Melbourne, Australia. We chose to take this extremely labor intensive option for a few reasons:

  • It is made on demand so the Angler is guaranteed that it is fresh and hasn’t been sitting on a shelf for 18 months. Most bottles that are sold are made literally days or hours before being sent out.
  • We are able to 100% control the ingredients and quality.
  • We have the ability to adapt quickly to new requirements and fluctuations in our supply of specifically prepared baits.
  • Allows us to consistently test new formulas and new ingredients to make sure that we stay on the cutting edge.

 We know of no finer fishing scent available today.